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About Us

about-1I have had the privilege of owning Shih Tzus for over 35 years.
Initially I showed my dogs and my beloved Rupert (Peekin Rupert Bear of Pattia) gave me the opportunity to show at Crufts. This enabled me to learn a huge amount from some very knowledgeable people. I further increased my experience by attending a judging seminar.
My interest was not in breeding Shih Tzus. Instead I found I was drawn to wanting to help the less fortunate dogs and so went to work at a Rescue Centre. As I had used homeopathy and found this method of healing so successful when used on my own dogs, I was convinced that it would help the dogs at the Rescue Centre. It was difficult, however, to get the committee onside so I decided to branch out on my own. Hence, nearly 15 years ago, Home Counties Shih Tzu Rescue was born.

I treat any ailments of the rescued dogs using homeopathic, natural remedies and, over the years, have had the good fortune to receive fantastic help and support from my local vet.
About 12 years ago I realised I had the gift to be a channel for healing. At an alternative vet's I met Charles Siddle, a renowned and greatly loved animal healer, who then invited me to train with him. Sadly he passed away after suffering a heart attack, but I have been blessed to have had his guidance for the last 11 years and the opportunity to work with the angels for the healing benefit of the rescues.

Angel blessing to you all.


healingI have been a healer for a number of years. In the earlier years I qualified as a Reiki healer to level two but I don't use it as I find the universal energy and working with the angels is magical. I have done workshops with Margrit Coates and Sabi Hilmi and work with one of my guides, Charles Siddle, with many more guides


annA very big thank you from Milly to you and your band of helpers for all you have done for her. Top girls and from me thank you and god bless you for maintaining such a wonderful little girl so that she could continue her journey in life and come to live with me. I just know we are going to have such a wonderful time together.

Other natural therapies

other-natural-therapiesThese are used to calm and relax the dogs in their rehabilitation, using as many natural ways as possible.


Rose quartz: for unconditional love and infinite peace. Very important for the heart. Brings deep healing and calm. Excellent for trauma or crisis.